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This is the page used for communications between SIS-MA steering committee and the tenderer. Please feel free to add comments, questions or any useful communication for the development of your proposal. Esta é a página usada para comunicação entre o comité de direcção SIS-MA e o proponente. Por favor, sinta-se livre de adicionar comentários, perguntas ou qualquer comunicação útil para o desenvolvimento da sua proposta.

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  1. Test message
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  2. Dear Sirs,

    I would like to ask you some explanations for the doubts we had so far:

    1. The document is to be written in Portuguese and English?

    2. If so, is it possible to hand over the document in Portuguese before the deadline and send afterwards its translation in English?

    3. Is it possible to have access to the budget template in xls (excel) format?

    4. Is it necessary to resend information relative to team elements CV?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


    Exmos Srs.,

    Gostaria de solicitar os esclarecimentos às questões que até ao momento nos surgiram:

    1. A proposta deve ser escrita em Português e Inglês?

    2. Se sim, é possível entregar a proposta em português até à data limite e, posteriormente enviar a tradução em Inglês?

    3. É possível ter acesso ao template para a execução do orçamento em formato xls (excel)?

    4. É necessário reenviar alguma informação relativamente a CVs dos elementos da equipa?

    Muito obrigado.

    Melhores cumprimentos,


  3. Thank you very much for your kind reply.

    I will wait for your best decision regarding to questions 1 and 2.

    I would also like to take the opportunity to make 4 more questions regarding to trainning preparation:

    1. Number of persons by user type (data manager, program coordinator, etc.) and geographical level (health unit, district, etc.)

    2. Number of health units by district and province

    3. Does Ministry of Health has trainning facilities with computers that could be used? One computer for each two trainees could be expected?

    4. We found some differences regarding the number of districts. We are estimating based on 11 provinces, 138 districts and 1400 health units. Is it correct?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


    Muito obrigado pela informação prestada.

    Ficarei a aguardar a Vossa melhor decisão a respeito das questões 1 e 2.

    Gostaria ainda de aproveitar a oportunidade para colocar 4 questões adicionais relacionadas com a preparação da formação.

    1. Número de pessoas por tipo de utilizador (gestor de dados, coordenador de programa, etc.) e a nível geográfico (unidade sanitária, distrito, etc.)

    2. Número de unidades sanitárias por distrito e província

    3. O Ministério da Saúde tem salas de formação com computadores que poderiam ser utilizadas? Seria possível esperar um computador por cada dois formandos?

    4. Econtramos algumas diferenças em relação ao número de distritos. Estamos a preparar as estimativas com base em 11 províncias, 138 distritos e 1400 unidades sanitárias. Está correcto?

    Muito obrigado.

    Cordiais cumprimentos,

    3. O Ministério tem salas de formação informatizadas (com 12\13 computadores em sala – estimar 1 computador para cada 2 formandos) a nível de província que possam ser cedidas ao projecto para este fim?

  4. Dear Company Representative,
    we would like to ensure that prospective tenderers are aware of the fact that the final evaluation of the tender will also include evaluation of the budget component of the proposal according to the following criteria:
    • Comparison of the budget with the details and scope of work in the technical proposal
    • Cost effectiveness of the proposed deliverables and a comparison of the budgeting rates
    • The budget available for the project and for each single phase of the project
    • Proposals may be accepted in full or in part and details will be negotiated with the successful tenderer before negotiating a final contract
    We would also like to clarify that a budget variance of 10% will be considered appropriate from the budget supplied in the Expression of Interest

    Kind regards

    The Steering Committee

  5. Estimado representante de empresa,
    informamos que na fase de concurso não será necessária a versão em língua inglesa da proposta, requeremos apenas a versão em língua portuguesa. Eventuais traduções serão negociadas com o vencedor na fase de redacção do contracto. Fica o requisito bilingue para os documentos legais, no caso seja preciso adicionar algum.
    Cordiais saudações
    O comité de gestão

    Dear company representative,
    we inform that within the tender’s phase the English version of the proposal will not be needed, we require just the version in Portuguese language. Possible translation will be negotiated with the winner during the contract editing. Bilingual requirement for legal documents remains, just in case there is a need to add some.
    Kind regards
    The steering committee

  6. Estimado representante de empresa,
    informamos que os organizadores do concurso estarão disponíveis para uma conferência colectiva virtual no Internet através da rede Skype.
    As chamadas serão recebidas colectivamente Quinta feira dia 26 de Julho de 2012 a partir das 11.00 horas até 13.00 horas ao seguinte endereço Skype: jembi_hs
    Cordiais saudações
    O comité de gestão

    Dear company representative,
    we inform that the Tender’s organizers will be available for a collective virtual Internet conference through Skype network.
    Calls will be received collectively Thursday July 26, 2012 starting from 11:00 a.m. up to 01.00 p.m. at the following address Skype: jembi_hs
    Kind regards
    The steering committee

  7. Dear Sirs,

    We had some difficulties regarding the conference call and we were not able to attend it. We got the connection on the exact moment you were ending it.
    We would like to know if the scope of the conference was only to have some clarifications regarding the questions stated previously or if there was more information we should know about (changes to scope, dates, etc). Is there anyone I could speak to in order to get updated?

    I apologize for the inconvenient.

    At the moment our doubts are the following:

    1. We are assuming that there is good connection at National and Province levels (and eventually some Districts). Is it correct?

    2. Deadline is on July 30th, midnight, which means by the end of Monday night. Is it correct?

    3. Number of persons by user type (data manager, program coordinator, etc.) and geographical level (health unit, district, etc.)?

    4. Number of health units by district and province?

    5. Does Ministry of Health has training facilities with computers that could be used? One computer for each two trainees could be expected?

    6. We found some differences regarding the number of districts. We are estimating based on 11 provinces, 138 districts and 1400 health units. Is it correct?

    7. What do you mean with passive tools for monitoring (tender document, page 11, description of topic 4, Development of Software)

    Best regards,

    Ricardo Gonçalves

  8. On Thursday 27 July 2012 at 1.00 am a Skype conference call took place at Jembi office in South Africa, all tenderers where invited.
    It was attended by the following participants:
    binit_varajidas representing KPMG
    David Corrales Sanchez
    Ricardo Constantino
    Laura Muñoz Espiago
    Paulo Alexandre Rodrigues dos Santos
    João Paulo Macedo da Cunha representing Critical Software
    Chris Seebregts
    Alessandro Campione
    Michele Santoro
    Oreste Parlatano

    Alessandro Campione the Jembi Prgrams Manager and the SIS-MA Project Director, on behalf of Jembi welcomed all participants, introduced Jembi director Prof Chris Seebregts, Program manager Michele Santoro, Product Manager Oreste Parlatano.

    Alessandro explained how grateful Jembi is toward all companies for their remarkable efforts in order to meet the tender’s requirements.

    The aim of the Q&A session was to respond only to technical question and not to any issues related with the tender procedure. In fact for this need there is a web based mechanism that is in regularly use by all tenderer with defined roles and procedures of security and confidentiality.

    After the introduction a Q&A session started with poor results because of connection difficulties.

    It was decided to continue the call through the telephone line later at 2.00 pm.

    The telephone conference call was attended by just one participant, Mr. Daniel Camarinha representative of Critical Software.

    Mr. Camarinha had some question about tender procedure that where not responded because as previously explained there is a proper channel for this. He did not ask anything about the technical aspects of the project and so the call ended in about 15 minutes.

    It was decided to put as much effort as possible in order to answer the questions through the Q&A web mechanism already in place.

  9. Thank you for your answers and also for the email with the information about the calls.

    I would like to ask if it would be considerable for you the delay of delivery for 2 or 3 days.

    Kind regards,


  10. Dear Sirs,

    I would like to ask you how should we deliver the documents.
    Can we upload the files in the same dropbox folder used for the manifest of interest?

    Kind regards,


  11. Please feel free to use any external service, with the condition to include the full URL pointing to the annexed document inside the email message. In case of long URLs use web tools for shortening it, like, for example,
    We will download documents from the email message containing the tender submission text not from generic messages with no information about annexed documents.

  12. Dear Sirs,

    It is with great satisfaction that we present our proposal to SIS-MA development project.

    Please find the documents on the following dropbox links:

    Proposal Document:

    Budget Document (pdf version):

    Budget Document (xls version):

    Project Gantt:

    Best regards,


  13. Dear Sirs,

    May you please tell us if you had any problems with accessing our files through the links?

    Kind regards,