Dec 032014

A bug was detected during the check of A03-1 PAV form. Indicators on column “Taxa de Cobertura” are not working. As you can see yellow box contains incorrect values, it should be (“Total” / “Grupo Alvos”) * 100 The bug refers to version 2.16 at the server for development copy of production server

A03_1_Novo_PAV_01 The same does not happen at the server dedicated to development copy of historical server based on 2.13 version ( ) , as you can see in the picture below.

A03-1_ver_2.13 A third check at server dedicated to quality control copy of production server but based on version 2.13 ( ) shows incorrect values, as you can see in the picture below A03-1_ver_2.13_qly_8086

These observations lead to the deduction that the problem is not related to the version, but to the organization units tree. Servers 8082 and 8086 are configured with the new organization units schema while server 8080 retains the old organization units schema.
The issue could be related to the migration of data from historical server to production server, some data where bound to the old organization units schema, they probably do not recognize the new organization schema, therefore were lost in some way. We need to investigate.

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